Tuesday, August 7, 2007

The Count Down Has Begun

Well here we are into August already, I'am sure some of the parents have the countdown thing going on and getting ready for another school year to start, The kid's are grumping about how the summer flew and we are bored wow sounds so familiar of my son we he had to go back now he is out of school for some few years now be in the Marine Corps and home for good, Now my grandson's complain about going back to school but we tell what would you do if you had to all year around I know what some of the parents would do they would jump up and down and dance you think they really would, Cause I know when my son went back to school it was sorta of my time to relax and enjoy but then it can get a little boring but in a nutshell its good to see the days of school starting we only no that winter is knocking on our door, Good luck kids in your new school year enjoy!