Monday, July 23, 2007


Want to update everyone, I went to the Bratten, McDermott, Glaser Reunion on Sunday and had a very nice time although our Granny and Grandpa ( Grandma would tan my backside if she knew I was calling her Granny and Grandpa would just laugh :)) could'nt be with us yesterday they are always remembered the day was nice and cool and fun was enjoyed by everyone Uncle Bill and Aunt Toot's brought games for everyone to play and have fun. We even had are German relatives there as well and planning a mini get together here soon to go cemetery looking and looking over all of our finding that we have found and share and will compare notes that will be alot of fun, alot of good food and catching up my ole my what a year can be not seeing everyone to much in between and not even time to catch up when we are all together, I will have to say the best part of the day was meeting my Aunt Lottie's family that was pretty awesome and believe or not we have already exchanged e-mails and phone call wow I get on research I can't stop it was so good meeting new family member's so now another memory is made another year will come and go and who know what next year will bring.
Grandpa and Grandma you were missed along with all those who have come and gone, I know in my heart you were there smiling at us you are forever missed

Until next time as always
Semper Fi

Saturday, July 21, 2007


Hello everyone,
I have update a little bit posted two new pictures and a new and fresh color I hope everyone likes it and and its much easier to see and read let me know how you all like it until next time have a good one
Semper Fi

Ps the background reminds me of summer and sunflowers