Monday, May 23, 2011


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Hello Everyone!
Cannot believe its been 3years since I started this Blog "genealogy" page, my bad haven't been on here for a very longtime since posting alot has gone on in my life,we made a hug move down South, and love it that is one reason why I haven't been on been enjoying a tad bit of relaxation hahah,almost 2 years ago we were blessed with a beautiful granddaughter and a year ago in July along came our 2 lil granddaughter sooo needless to say grandma has been very busy loving those lil babies :) a year ago we lost the most precious lady in my life my mom miss her soo much! but I know in my heart she is with me alway,enough of the pitty party hope all is well with everyone and hope to hear from you all soon
As far as people writing on my blog that cannot say anything nice please take it else where I have no time for that
Great day to you all
Until Next time God Bless