Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Its been a while

Wow its been a while since I have posted on here, Almost feel lost alot has been going on in my life.... My PC was bad its stopped working on me, got it fixed and then we decided on a major move from one house to another and would you believe most people would move like across town or to another city etc etc not us we moved next door! to funny huh? hahah, its still alot of work and just about all settled in happy,My mom and dad came and helped for a few days and as well as my nephew had alot of fun and boy I hope we don't move again for a very long time,even a simple move is hard work, now the hubby and I are getting ready for our vacation I know I know I;am leaving you again, its summer time and we have plans to be gone in August,September and hopefully October it will be so awesome to get away for a while, We are going on our camping adventure and gonna have fun and I promise I will keep you all posted and maybe some photo's as well, I think I have chatted enough about me this time and on to genealogy, I have gotten some new things so keep the eyes open for all the new goodies I will share with you.
Until Next Time
Semper FI

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