Saturday, April 14, 2007

My Great Grandma Anna & Coming to America

Great Grandma Anna came to America July 11,1911 from Germany to America On the Ship SS Rhein she came to America with 3 young girls and 2 young boys, coming to a strange land they had never been before I can only wonder how scared they may have been not knowing what to expect the uncertainty... Coming to what would be for them a strange land of America and not alot of people that spoke German how hard was it for Great Grandma and her children to adjust and to make there way in the new land of uncertainty, As I learn more about my family I will share stories on here, as well as pictures ans anything else that I may think might be of interest to post on here.
I have to thank my Great Grandma Anna for coming to American because if wouldn't have came my Grandma Minna & Grandpa Max would have never married and had the family they did and my pop would have never been born. I may have never my Grandma Anna,I gotten to know her thru my family's help and research

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